T'ai Chi Empower 
build awareness, confidence and strength

Weight training was important throughout high school, as part of the sports I played and as a way to stay fit.  I stumbled on a bodybuilder who used `chi strength to lift heavier weights.  Off to the bookstore I went, hard-pressed to explain what I was looking for because I wasn't sure.  But to my surprise, the lady seemed to know right away and pointed me to a book:  

Some call it `laws of attraction, purpose or fate; I prefer `synchronicity (rf. Carl Jung).  This book had nothing to do with weight training, but I was so intrigued that I bought it anyway.  Then, two weeks later, I saw a poster for  T'ai Chi Ch'uan classes.  That was in May 1978, and I have been studying and practicing it ever since.

I am Ron Villejo, PhD, and this is T'ai Chi Empower.
My purpose is to draw on the principles, philosophy and practice of T'ai Chi and help you build greater awareness, confidence and strength.  There are particular forms we follow, but the essence of T'ai Chi - for example, relaxation, rooting and energy - can be applied to anything you do: sport, profession or activity.  To be truly aware, confident and strong, we must work at body, mind and spirit. This is T'ai Chi Empower.